Dear friends!

Many changes are currently happening in the dance world as never before! During the existence of various federations a lot of questions and problems that can’t wait any longer have accumulated. It's time for a new chapter in dance sport history!

We are glad to inform you about creation of new dance sport organization - Romanian Dance Sport League (RDSL) ! The main principles of its work will be democracy, legitimacy, honest adherence to charter regulations and following the declared benchmarks. The aim of RDSL activity is to coordinate the activities of dance organizations, clubs and join specialists for the development and promotion of dance sport.


Each dancer, coach, adjudicator should have the right to a free choice of organization and events in which he would like to participate. RDSL is another alternative, a new path and an additional opportunity to implement in sports dances everyone who wants to, it's free dance space where entry barriers are minimized.


Freedom of dance and openness is not just an advertising slogan for us, but actually important rule. Participants from all dance organizations are allowed to dance in World Dance Council. WDC AL events.


Favorable conditions for cooperation and guaranteed assistance in conducting of events will be suggested to competitions organizators. We are also open to cooperation with national dance sport and artistic clubs, which are willing to join forces and enter our Union! If you share our views – we are always glad to see like-minded people in the ranks of Romanian Dance Sport League!